Monday, February 22, 2016

celebrate s-i-x-t-y years

A special mother, turns 60 this year.
She's not so big on making a fuss about her or her age..but we did anyway...because we are her family and we love her.

We had a meal at Waters Edge on Friday evening.
Her siblings were all able to come, as well as a couple of their spouses and Tam (her niece). We maybe sang "Happy Birthday" a few times.

On Saturday evening, we celebrated with family and a few of her close friends at Kansas Electric.
We had a meal catered by Carriage Crossing, a few trivia questions about Mom, a couple songs from the grandkids (even the ones from VA skyped in), and a slideshow. 
Cupcakes (chocolate/coconut, chocolate/mocha and carrot) and pies (dutch apple, chocolate cream, coconut cream, and peach) with ice cream for dessert. 

Carissa wrote a couple songs..they all did so well at singing.

 I like this picture of Mom watching the slideshow (it was complete with various songs and movie clips of her) Carissa put together.

Oh, and we sung "Happy Birthday" just a few more times throughout the evening.

Sunday noon, Mom made a big meal for everyone.

The five siblings

The weather was so beautiful. So we went to the arboretum for a walk.
This look from Noah is just too him. Oh, he has such a variety of faces.
Ben stayed home with Jonah and Christian, as Jonah was napping, and Christian had a fever (he's had one off and on for several days now).

60 years to celebrate you, Mom.
I love you.
Hope you had a good time being loved and celebrated!
Happy Birthday.

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