Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Iowa [mama & noah trip]

Camille (my cousin) had asked months ago if I would be interested in making a trip to Iowa with her, and her 2 kids. Her husband would be finishing the Hesston College choir tour there and he would ride home with us. Quick connection explanation: Camille & Russell (now live in KS)...sibling to Kyle, who is married to Julie..live in Iowa. Julie's sister, Ranee..was my roommate at HC..and very dear friend, lives just down the road from Kyle & Julie. I haven't seen Ranee since Noah's 1st birthday..and they have added another baby, Ezra since then. 
I ended up just taking Noah with me, and it was a pleasant surprise treating him as an "only child" for the weekend. It was so fun to see him in his own little element.

We had a smooth trip, and arrived mid afternoon on Friday. It was a nice day, and we got to check out the Brokaw's forts. And it was easy to see that Hudson and Noah were going to get along just fine. They are 8 months apart...and it was so entertaining to watch them interact.
That evening we went to an event hosted at the YMCA, that involved a meal, crafts for the kids, a free t-shirt (thanks Ranee!), and playing in the gym. It was a good time.

Saturday, Ranee and I (with all but baby Ezra) went to the Iowa City Children's Museum. Oh, it had some fun little stations and exhibits to play in. The pizza making station was a hit.
Tessa and Noah were taking orders and preparing the pizza AND drink choice.

The airplane room...
awesome aviator googles and jacket. And that pingpong ball was floating in the air!

 Luke was showing them how to fly the plane.

Hudson was the doctor in the ambulance, Noah was the patient. And all the kids were very busy checking out in the grocery store.
Just so much to look at and play with! A few other families thought it was a good day to visit the museum as well. We finished our outing by eating at Chic-fil-a in the mall. 

 It was pretty rainy and cool, so the rest of the afternoon was spent inside building with Legos and watching a couple shows.

And this is baby Ezra with his mama...he is quite a happy, smiley guy.

At about 8:00 an executive decision was made to go to get icecream and whooo--eee, it was a lot of icecream and it was tasty.

Good times...

Sunday morning we went to church..and Ranee's parents came over for lunch...I enjoy visiting with them.
These two...aren't they just too cute?!?

Sunday afternoon, I went with Ranee and Tessa to a recital for one of the senior's at the school Ranee teaches. I enjoyed listening, piano, violin and singing. And they had homemade raspberry icecream afterwards...it was VERY good.

That evening, we went over to Kyle and Julie's for supper. I told Kyle it would really just make my visit complete if I could see a baby calf be born. We were discussing labor and delivery, both the cow and human kinds. Following supper, he took Noah over to see the animals at the farm...and called shortly after leaving to tell me a calf was going to be born!!!! Oh man, I was pretty excited about that. This was the little calf right after delivery...nice and toasty out of its mama!

In our labor and delivery world, this would be the hour of skin-to-skin that is "baby friendly". Cows have their own version..licking them off and giving them their kick start. The bond between and mama and baby is just something special.

There's the calf delivery doctor for the evening....
thanks Kyle for the experience of watching!! You really pulled through to make the weekend complete.

The kids in their matching jammies from Ranee...
and how crazy is it that Hudson and Noah sleep with the same dog stuffed animal. So funny.

Monday morning, we were treated to homemade donuts in Kalona. Then, we stopped by Justin's parents business JK Creative. I like to look at all the different things they make and sell. We ate lunch at their house, and then headed home to get ready to leave.

Thanks for letting us visit, Ranee and family!! I am glad we could come and see, and play, and just hang out in person. I wish it was a little closer so we could do this more often!

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