Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ordinary Days

Our days...
they are ordinary, simple, and just everyday life kind of days.
But...these are the days that I want to remember. 
It seems cliche, and it kind of makes me just laugh when total strangers say the phrase "these are the days, you will miss" as if they are the first ones to ever say it...when a child is misbehaving or being really loud in a public setting especially.

Anyway, all of that to say, these everyday kind of life happenings are important. 
And I really do want to remember them for they hold great meaning, just us being us and doing family as we do it.

Christian made a REALLY big painting at school.

Noah is just his own kind of guy, I never know what is coming.
He LOVES coloring...I looked over from the living room and saw him coloring in this position.
I have no words.

Now, this little fella is turning out to be quite the handful.
He is so smily, and just SO proud when he gets on top of the table. So now, we just keep our chairs on their side underneath the table.

 The last weekend in January, Sonia and Kira and I drove down to visit Steph in Oklahoma. It was so fun to hang out with all of them, and see where she lives. 

We've had some beautiful days/evenings. Swinging, jumping on the trampoline, and going on bike rides (Christian and Noah)/walks have been so nice to enjoy!

This is one of Noah's posed faces for pictures...looks so natural, right?!
He colored this picture for Uncle Tim's birthday the end of January.

Jonah and Mama's crazy trampoline hair!

Jonah is so sweet, smily, and ornery.
He loves to 'pet' his rocking puppy, and say, "Nigh, nigh" (nice, nice).
He will give many kisses to us and his brothers, and he likes for us to kiss his hand (he'll hold it up to our face so we kiss it for him). When I tell him I'm going to give him a hug, he smiles and then stiffens his body and makes the "uggg" sound in preparation for the squeezy hug.

This has been Jonah's latest "fun" game... going out to the laundry room (which in his mind is about as exciting as climbing on the table), getting potatoes off the shelf, and placing them in the washing machine.
I have not washed potatoes yet this way. Maybe he's just trying to be inventive.

One afternoon I took only Noah to the store, to pick out new shoes.
He found some light up Thomas ones, and wooowwwzy they are fun. He had to check them out in the mirror, and then he'd turn to the side and stomp his feet a couple times to watch them light up....followed by his super sweet giggle.

This month I got to have donuts at school with Christian one morning, as it was "donuts with Mom" for the school. AND, I got to have lunch with him at school..as he has been wanting me to do that for quite some time. Both were special, and I am so glad he is happy to have me there with him.
He is learning so much, so fast it seems. Everyday, I feel like he can read things better.
Here is a list of his "sight words" for the week.

Oh Noah, you are so silly. He wanted the scarf wrapped around his head, as he was a "ninger" (a ninja...and we don't even play/watch anything to do with ninjas). Noah is just hilarious. He can also be a huge button-pusher to Christian...but he is so funny how he says things. He'll talk in a higher matter of fact voice when he gets embarrassed or shy, or just when he knows he's saying something ridiculous.
He is also doing so much better potty training...I have hope. So that's a big time improvement.

They love each other. Noah climbed into Jonah's crib one morning, and they just snuggled for quite awhile. Jonah knows that Noah is quite tolerant of alot though, and abuses that trait. He will pound toys on Noah's head, or just pat his head really hard out of the blue. And if I'm not in the room, I will hear Noah start to cry or say, "no, no buddy"....and obviously I stop him, and tell him that hurts Noah you need to make him feel better. So he will SOMETIMES stop and kiss it over and over, OR he will go back for more and keep bonking his head because it appears to be a game to him. Fortunately, thus far Noah has not retaliated really much at all...every now and then he will push him away...but he never hits back.

Getting ready to go on a walk in the jogging stroller...he looked so cozy!! (and serious!)

It became an "everytime" occurrence of leaving the house that people would ask if he was a girl or boy with his longer hair....so I finally cut it. I get that it was longer than some boys, but I feel as though people aren't too observant with the clothing that he wears. I don't know as if they are gender neutral really, but that's alright. You are beautiful regardless of long or short hair, buddy. I really loved your curls...and I can tell it is still curly-ish in the back now.

 Just some Play Doh hearts, Christian made those.

He can be so serious.

So happy (I love his laugh).

 And definitely playful.

He says "mama" a WHOLE lot. If it was just for me, I would be kind of flattered, but he is misusing my name. He says it for me, but in addition he says it for anything or anyone he may want at the time. Silly boy, he knows other people's name. Its pretty cute when I say, are you ready for bed. He will reach, and start saying "bankie" *blankie* "deee" *drink* and "nigh-nigh" *night night* (he uses the same word for nice). So you drink your warmed milk, with your blankie in hand, while I rock you and off to sleep you go!

Thankful for these ordinary days. 
Thankful for the people that are extraordinary that are in these days.

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