Sunday, October 18, 2015

ONE [Jonah]

My baby is ONE!!
These past 12 months have gone by very fast, and all of the sudden you are looking and acting like a little bitty boy..not a baby.

You and I get along real well..
as you do with Daddy and your brothers. 
I love watching your face light up when one of them walk in the room. You love when Christian and Noah show you affection, it melts my heart every time. Christian will say, "Hey Buddy, hey! You want to come here." Or he will pick you up if you fall, kiss your head, show you a toy. And Noah, he is as gentle as ever MOST of the time. He lets you (on purpose) pull his hair, his glasses, or just nuzzles up next to you..and you LOVE it. The 5% of the time he feels like he needs to prove he is a tough big brother..he will grab your leg while you're walking, or snatch a toy away from you...and then you look so confused and hurt. He is almost always quick to say, "Sorrr-reee, Jonah. Soorrr-ee for knocking you down." Ahh, brothers, what are you going to do? 

I love watching you reach for the person you want to hold you, or how you walk up to their legs and give a little tug to let them know you need to be held. You are needy from me some days, but otherwise you are not a fussy or whining little boy. 

One of the cutest how you love babies. You look at the pictures of yourself in your room, and have started saying "ba-bee". You were giving Baby Jack love. It is so adorable.
Words you say: Mama, Dadda, Baby, Go, Ba (ball), Buh-bye
You wave bye/goodnight, you give kisses (to us anyway), you snuggle into our shoulder, you clap your hands with excitement or when we clap for you, and you pat my face and chest as a way of endearment.

Sleeping baby...
You sleep with your blue blanket...I can't say you sleep ALL through the night. We are just starting to give you a bottle with part whole milk mixed in at bedtime. So far, you are doing good with that!
You let us know you are ready for bed by laying on the floor, acting like you are sleeping...or you will make the "eh,eh,eh" sound if I'm in "feed me, and put me to sleep please mama!"

You are full of life and wonder, you like to explore wherever your little hands and feet can get into. You are fast crawler, but you also learned how to WALK this month! You are good at it too! These first steps are SO very cute, how you doddle around. You got your first pair of walking shoes/boots, and you have already done a good job of breaking them in! You like to take things you find, and place them on a shelf (at the very highest point you can reach) and then scoot it as far back as you can. At this rate, you will be "misplacing" plenty of items for us. You are experience in opening cabinets/drawers in the kitchen, hightailing it into the bathroom if the door is open, opening the trash can drawer, and making a dash to the laundry room if that door is open. You have gotten pretty good at stairs on your own. I definitely don't leave doors open on purpose, but your older brothers don't always remember..and you have done well so far when given the opportunity to deal with stairs. On the 2-3 steps, you do a forward/side step down...and on the longer ones you usually make an "ahhh, ahhhh" sound at the top to tell on yourself that you are at the top of the stairs!

You love balls. You are good at throwing them...and you certainly love chasing them as they roll. If they have lights in them, its just an added bonus that you laugh at. Speaking of laugh, your smile is just so sweet. You show your four teeth off as you smile...two more are trying to break through, that I can see anyway. And you have a mock laugh that is hilarious. If you hear one of us laughing, you copy us..and then we REALLY keep laughing.

 You love to be outside. If anyone is outside, and you are left bang on the back glass door and talk to whoever is out. You like to go on walks, bike rides in the bike carrier, and SWING! 
You have an uncertainty regarding animals. If you can see them, and know they are unable to touch you, you laugh and love to look at them. When they lick your feet, or touch are very uneasy about them, or even cry about it.

You got a new swing for your birthday from Grandpa and Grandma...and you LOVE it!

You eat well...much better than either of your brothers. You like meat still...any meat that you have been offered, you have liked. You like the vegetable pouches of food...and can down them in about 10 seconds. You eat mostly what we do..and the list of what you don't like isn't crazy long. If there is something you don't want, it's pretty funny how you don't make a sound but you sure do shake your head "no".

My big boy, you are so handsome.
Your hair is light brown, your eyes are a bluish-grey (still unsure what color they will be).
You wear 12 month clothes, even some 12-18 mo things if they are are growing!!
You are just over 20 lbs (34%) and 30 1/4 in long (72%). You checked out very well at your one year check up. You have allergies like the rest of us, but otherwise very healthy!
We also had your eyes screened, and they checked out just fine. Our eye doctor's office offers a free screening before 12 that was nice.

These were taken a week after you turned one..but I finally was able to catch you in action walking!

Jonah are such a sweet boy.
You get many kisses and hugs throughout the day, and bring many smiles to our faces.
You are a complete joy to have in our family.
I pray that you continue to be healthy and grow to be a strong, kind-hearted Christian man.
Happy ONE YEAR Jonah!

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