Monday, October 26, 2015

Three [Noah]

Noah, you are THREE!!!
Goodness, we love you big boy!

It's hard to believe that it was about a year ago that you first got glasses. You want them on at all times, unless you are really tired and/or in bed. You still get many comments from random people when we are out and about. I really don't think anything of it, unless people stare...that's just weird. Really, most of the time, when people look at you they smile...its hard not to.

On this particular day, you insisted on taking your nap with the candy corn hat I had thought I was making for baby Eliana..but it is clearly MUCH too big for her, as it fits all three of you boys.
Your nap schedule is very hit or miss these days. This is a recent change, and I'm not so sure I'm a huge fan of you not napping. But I usually do not fight the issue, as I have found out I spend more time trying to get you to lay down and stay laying down then what "consequences" may arise later if you are tired. You sleep with your two blankies (which are your go-to in any moment of sadness or tired or feeling as though you have been treated unfair).

You are developing quite the independence...which comes with a hefty dose of sass. 

 I'm not sure if its on purpose yet or not, but you st-ruggggle with learning your colors. It is baffling to me how you can put a somewhat difficult puzzle together with ease, but when I go over just a few colors and ask you to repeat get them all jumbled. I am not too worried about it. You do crack me up when I say "what color is this?" and you say one of three things....
-a color (your stand-by answers are "dark tan", "blue", "pink")
-"You know." (this one is a classic..because I have to give you credit in thinking why should I tell you if you already know!)
-"I already told you."....similar to the above, but when we are reviewing it more than're not having it!

You are choosing to be extra "controlling" when it comes to going to the bathroom in the toilet. I can't say this is my favorite way for you to use your strong will, but I'm sure you will come around, and I won't be changing your diaper forever :)
This is what you did when I was talking to you about going poop in the potty.
You stinker!

You love to play on the trampoline...and this face is pretty classic of you when you are showing off your ornery side.
You and Christian play and play on the trampoline together. You usually wrestle...sometimes you chase each other, and every now and then you pretend you are a "family" and talk in different voices. For not being super big, you hold your own quite well as far as being tough.

You love to help. Both Daddy and me.
Often, if you notice I'm making something you come in the kitchen and try and bring the stool over so you can get your hands busy! The other day, I was making bread and you ran to the bathroom...I followed you, and you said, "I need to wash my hands!!!" I didn't know why, but I helped you wash them. Then you ran into the kitchen and said, "Now I can help!!!! Get the stool. I can help now!!"
An added are my taste tester.
Speaking of food, you are a so-so eater. Most of the time, you will sample unknown items in the tiny-tiniest littlest bit you can possibly get in order to know if you should go for it. But you would rather stick with the things you know...peanut butter/jelly sandwich, sausage (summer sausage) sandwich, yogurt (you will say, "I don't mind the chunks"...only because Christian strongly dislikes the chunks of fruit), hamburgers, chicken, applesauce, pizza, and ANYTHING sweet! However, you do not like ice cream, or anything that is too cold..its just not your thing (unless you can take TINY licks...which if you get your own, it would melt before you could finish!).

You do your own thing. As a rule, you play so nice. You don't mind playing by yourself. Some of your favorite things to play with are Legos (the Duplo kind mainly), cars/trucks, sand/dirt, chalk, puzzles, coloring, Play Doh. You are very good at puzzles (I've probably said that before...but you are!). You are a thinker, you have a plan for things. You see us using the air pump sometimes, so you thought you needed to pump up your (plastic) car tires....oh man, it worked out real well!
 I enjoy watching you play, I love when you talk or sing while you play.

You are sweet. 
When in public, or around people you don't know very well you are usually quiet or reserved. I know you have a loud side, as I see that QUITE often at home. Just the other day, I had told you to turn your volume down several times. And finally, in the afternoon, you randomly looked up at me and said, "I don't know where my volume is."
I turned a pretend knob on my throat and I said, "Its in here, you just turn it down."
He looked at me, and said in his true Noah fashion, "Ummmm....actually, that is your nnn-eck."
You can shout quite loud, and we have been working on the concept of whispering when needed. It seems to be a steep learning curve for you.
I simply adore your hugs. When you give a hug, you believe it HAS to be given around the neck..and it is so sweet. And when I am asking for a hug, you always add, "AND a smooch too"...complete with a kiss on the lips. You don't give out affection on your own very often, the times you do..its pretty special. You will love on Jonah probably the most. Although, he is getting big enough that he causes you some annoyance, and the love doesn't always flow so freely in your actions to him.

You also REALLY like going to church. You get excited on Sunday morning, and say, "I'm going to MY school! I'm going to see my frieee-nds!" You like your Sunday School teacher, Phyllis (and her assisant....Grandma!). You LOVE to sing the songs, both at church and at home. You remember the stories you learn very well. It is very entertaining watching you and Christian get into "arguments" about "Jesus said.......(be nice, don't be rude, share with others)" whatever it is that you are needing to fit your need at the time. We try to remind you BOTH, that although Jesus may have taught whatever point you  are trying to get across, he also taught other things with that! (Ironically, adults do the same thing at times)

You look up to Christian. You love to watch the bus pick him up for school. When he comes home from school, you will greet him so nice. Today you said, "Hi Shis-shen!! How was your day at school???" Melt my heart. You care for him so much. You and he can get into quite the hang-ups over toys and how you play, but you truly have the sincerest love for him.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE to be read to. I honestly think if I had nothing else that I had to do...I could probably read to you all morning long, and you would be perfectly content with that. We do read throughout the day several times, and you sit and listen on our lap EVERY opportunity given.
Some of your favorite books right now are: Fred & Ted books, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, any Bible related book/story, "What was THAT?", and so many more!
You have a good memory too...its hard for me to keep track of the bits and pieces you remember from various stories when you reference them.

You may be small-ish...but oh so mighty!
You weigh just over 28 lbs..21%, and right at 3 ft tall...20%.
You wear 24-2T things mostly...although there are more than a couple of pieces of clothing you and Jonah can easily share. Regardless, you are healthy and we love you just the way you are.

You are make us laugh daily.
You are loving..your sincere and tender ways are so so sweet.
You are ornery..and stubborn...and this may drive me crazy somedays, but I am hopeful it will be a positive quality that will be used in a positive way!
You are playful...I love watching your joy for life.
You are smart...the things you learn daily, amaze teach me so much about life! 

You are Noah Benjamin...and you are three years old....and we love you SO very much!

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