Thursday, October 29, 2015

Celebrate [Noah #3]

Noah requested an octopus themed birthday. 
I don't really know why...but that's what he wanted. My attempt at making a cake..was using cupcakes. He didn't mind anyway :)
On Sunday before his birthday, we had a party with Grandpa Sweigart (Grandma was off welcoming baby Eliana to the world in VA), Brent & Alyssa and family, Mitch, and Paul & Brenda.

Presents :)
Christian gave a puzzle ball...I think they were equally excited about it!

On his actual birthday, I took Noah and Jonah to Wichita. We stopped by Target (just a friendly little hug/choke from big brother!) and then we picked up lunch and had a picnic at the park!
Before coming home, we stopped by the donut shop for a special donut treat (called the Little Timmy).

Riding his new balance bike he got from Grandpa and Grandma.

Eating his Little Timmy donut!
We brought one for Christian too...he was equally pleased. This donut had SO many sprinkles!

Turns out, the sprinkles were all Noah wanted off the donut...bummer that 'someone' had to eat the rest :) 
For the was REALLY good.

That evening Grandpa came over, and gave one more gift...a couple books! A great ending to his special day. 'Mix it Up'....what a fun book.

He woke up in the morning and said, "I will get out my birthday presents!"
He proceeded to get out each thing, and thoroughly play with them. These were a few.

Curious George magnet tin

A 48 piece minion puzzle...
I was so surprised how much of this he could do!

For his last 3rd birthday hoorah, I made a giant chocolate cookie.
Grandpa and Grandma H., Great Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger joined us for a celebration!

Great Grandma Hershberger and Noah

...oh boy! She had her hands full real fast!

We had fun celebrating with you Noah! You are such a blessing to us...we love you so much!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

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