Sunday, October 11, 2015

Jonah's FIRST Birthday

We celebrated Jonah's first birthday a week early...
since some important family members were going to be gone on his actual birthday.

It was lovely outside this week, so we decorated the driveway for Jonah....even the chickens "helped".
Christian made a giant chalk cake, and spelled "Jonah" in the inside. He sure does like to sound things out.

Our happy little supervisor.

He loves balls, so I tried to have things that symbolized balls/circles for his party!
The cake...oh my, we'll just focus on the end result. It was certainly not what I thought I was going to do, but I am actually not at all disappointed with how it turned out. It was an angel food cake.

It was fun to put up his monthly pictures. How quickly the time flies, but also a good way to remember each phase.

He was curious about the cake, but didn't really want to eat it.

The big birthday boy with Mama and Daddy.

Grandma's are pretty special people.

He wasn't too crazy about the actually opening of presents, but he liked to discover the gift inside!

He loves his Grandpa. He is pretty relaxed about life, but he surely knows who he wants to hold him..and Grandpa is one of those lucky people!

Mom showed me this picture of my first birthday....I thought it was too amusing!

 We had fun celebrating you Jonah!
We love you SO much...and pray you have the happiest birthday...with MANY to follow.
So glad we have family that can join us in making this an extra special time to remember!

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