Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Glimpses of Spring

A collection of pictures over the last month or so.

Mom's Birthday...with some pretty tasty chocolate cupcakes with coconut frosting.

After Brent's birthday meal..Dad shot off a rocket...
Uncle Mitch and Noah patiently waiting.

Despite Noah's face...he loved the four-wheeler ride!

A pretty cool car tower made by Daddy.

Christian's parachute (several plastic sacks tied together by him)...he was running around the yard attempting to "fly".

Jonah enjoys the outdoors too!

A Freddy's outing...
on the left, Christian is giving Noah strict instructions to do something,
and on the right, he is sharing his drink.
Oh, how things can change in just a moment.

At Uncle Mitch's place..
while Daddy helped put up a light, Christian and Noah put Mitch's new chalk to use.

Spring we have enjoyed your appearance so far...we hope to see a lot more of you!

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