Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting ready for the ladies

We decided sometime last year, that this spring we would get some raise for eggs.
Well, the time has come!

Ben started on making a home for these future ladies over spring break.
He had to buy the framing supplies..but used a lot of scrap supplies from other projects for the outside.

Christian and Noah were quite the helpers.

Noah 'helping' measure with Daddy's tape measure...
and whenever the saw was in use, the protective ear gear was applied...
which was comical to watch.

He can have such a serious face...but he's a softy at heart.

It still needs a roof applied, and be painted...but the chicks won't live in it right away anyway...
so we were ready 'enough' to get the ladies.

They arrived at the store on Wednesday morning. Before Christian went to preschool, we went to pick them up. This picture was very fitting...Christian had been awake for quite some time and VERY excited about getting the chicks, as both Noah and Jonah had to woken up in order to leave (hence the yawn from Noah).

After we picked them up, Christian held the box in the back seat...talking to them the whole way back. He is hilarious about how sincere he talks to animals (real or fake). 
He was telling them, "It's okay chickies...its alright, I'm here. I'm your new mama."
I let him show his preschool class his very new baby chicks before taking them home and getting them settled.

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