Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jonah [5 months]

Another month as flown by...and you are now five months old!
You remain as cuddly and lovable as ever.

You're biggest issue this past month has been your skin. Poor guy, you've had a rough time with your head, and then your face, and arms and now back. When we saw the doctor a couple weeks ago for it, and he scheduled an appointment with a pediatric we will go the beginning of next month. I've been lathering a couple different creams/ointments on you..and I think something is starting to work. Your head and face for the most part looks SO much just need your hair to grow back from where you pulled it out!

We haven't tried eating any rice cereal seem to be doing just fine with only breast milk for now..and I didn't really want to introduce anything new in the event that the dermatologist would think it was some form of allergy to that. I feed you about every 3-4 hours or so...and you generally wake up about once during the night around 1-2 am for a snack.

You have happy eyes..and a very big smile when you really get excited. It is so sweet. Your brothers really love to get you to smile. Noah will say, "Looking at me!! Looking at me!!" and Christian will proudly announce if he got you to smile while he was talking to you. They both love you dearly, and it is clear that you have the same feelings towards them.
I think my favorite thing that you started to do this past month is reaching for my face with both hands and bringing it closer to though you wanted to give me a kiss and hug. So sweet, I will take all the slobbery little kisses you want to give.

We've worn hats on you most days...mainly to protect the skin on your head. We just got this new "ball cap" as your brothers say (they like hats too!). You thoroughly enjoy being outside, and since the days are starting to be warmer..we bring the stroller and you like to play with your toys while we are out and about.

Don't mind the pink blanket (that was mine when I was a baby). We usually rock you to sleep, or sometimes you fall asleep when I'm feeding you. I thoroughly enjoy rocking snuggable. You are sucking your thumb less and less these more just chew on them while you're awake.
You have mastered rolling from your tummy to back like a champ. If you do wake up in the night, this is usually why. You have rolled over, and you want to be back on your tummy to sleep. You really can get around the crib like a little worm though...we find you in all kinds of positions. You are always so eager and happy to see my face when I come to get you! 

You look so jolly in this picture..I love it.
You are staying in mostly 6 month clothing...finally a month that we haven't had to put away many things that are too small. You now wear size 3 diapers...and I don't know exactly how much you weigh...more than 16've got some chub to love on.

You recently took your first long car ride...we went to MN to visit your Great Grandpa Birky and other family too. Prior to this trip, I would've said you were indifferent to the car seat. I can now say without doubt, you are not a fan at ALL of the car seat if it involves being in there for more than 2 hours. Poor guy...and poor us...that always breaks my heart.

Jonah dear, you are such a sweet baby...and we love you to pieces. 
I am so grateful you are healthy, happy, and our little baby boy!

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