Monday, April 30, 2012

Christian's conversations

Oh this little fella is better than any other form of entertainment most days....and other days, he says the things that just melt your heart..of course there are the moments throughout the day that he says things that are completely sassy or not so pleasant, but overall he is just quite the little communicator!

Here are a few of the things he says that he comes up with.

"I need my shades on." (of course first thing when he wakes up...and kept them on all during breakfast.)

We were having a thunderstorm at bedtime, which he doesn't necessarily get scared was just a bit distracting.
C: "What's that? It's not raining."
me: "Yes, it is raining. God is watering the Earth."
C: "God is watering the Earth. He fills up our cup."
me: "Yes, yes he does."

Also related to thunderstorms, are the talk of tornadoes. There was something around 100 tornadoes in KS a several weeks ago. He would watch our response to the lightning and all the talk on the news of the tornadoes.
He will say now in response to lightning is, "God will keep us safe."

On the potty he was talking about the outcome, and then started to talk about "poopy" as an adjective.
me: "We only talk about poop when we are on the potty."
C: "Can you leave, so I can talk about poop."
(OH BOYS!!!)

I was planting flowers, and he was outside helping me. He went into the garage and came out with the potty chair (that had been put in there since we don't use that one anymore). Naturally, he thought it was a good idea to try to go while he had it out. He really doesn't like trying to go to the bathroom inside..but when going outside, it's like a whole different concept..its fun!

We often go through days being "characters" or real people, just not "ourselves"...according to what he decides for the day.
He will be "Ava", I will be "Maggix" (Maddox).
He will be "Elliott" (the deer in Open Season), I will be "Boog" (the bear)
He will be "Lightning McQueen", I will be "Mater" (I'm actually just the substitute Mater..this is usually Daddy..but during the day I am alright)
Sometimes he is just, "baby bison" or a "ballena" (pronounced, bi-yen-a...spanish for a whale..thanks to the spanish Nemo book we have.)

Singing is apart of daily life..he actually carries a tune quite well..and continues to sing the various Christian songs from Pandora. This morning at breakfast he was singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" VERY loudly! He also sang this for the woman at the grocery store the other day.

He usually wakes up and comes into our room, and says, "I'm up. The sun is up. Can you get up." There are the very rare days, that he wants to climb up in bed with me and snuggle..(no matter how bad I may have to go to the bathroom, I lay very still because I really love that!) This morning he woke up talking in his bed, and then he started saying very loudly..."Everybody! I'm in HERE! Everybody! I'm in HERE!"

When he goes to bed, he likes to be lifted to turn off the light, the music is on, and he needs to climb into his bed with his 2 blankets and usually some toy/animal. Daddy usually tucks him in, sings him a song and then that's that. The other night, he was having a particularly hard time going to sleep...he would go to the door, open it, and then run back to bed. I went in there and he wanted me to lay on the floor next to him (like I do during his naps, until he is sleeping), I said, "no, I think you should just rest your eyes and your mouth." Then he asked me to rock him..which hasn't happened in many months. So, I rocked him while sitting on his bed, he was getting sleepy..and I whispered, "I love you" to him...and I could see his mouth say "I love you too" back. About 30 seconds later, he whispered it a little louder, and said, "say I love you again." So I did..and he replied, "I love you TOO."
Moments like this..I wish I could bottle up and save forever!

The milk was sitting on the table.
"This milk says Dillons on it." (and it did!)
I said, "how did you know that."
"It says it..right here (pointing to the Dillons logo)."
Obviously, we don't practice reading logos, but it amazed me how he could make the connection from when he is with when we go to the grocery store.
.....then the other day I was using milk from Braums.
"Is this milk from Dillons?"
"No, its from Braums."
"Braums?? You mean like the ice cream store?"
"Yes, that's the one."
The last time we had gone to Braums with him for icecream has been MONTHS ago. All about making those connections I guess...whew, his little mind just is a spinnin' some times!

When I ask if he can do a particular activity...such as stack up the blocks, or draw a picture, or turn on the music..he almost always answers with, "Oh, sure!" If you could only hear him say this..its sounds so grown up for him. And if he doesn't want to do whatever it is..he comes up with off the wall things, like, "well, actually....." or "how bout we....." or "I just "need" to....". Crazy how he has learned how to change the subject so smooth-like..or at least attempts to.

"Look at my skates."

"I need to put a puzzle together." He's getting better at normal puzzles. This animal alphabet one he stretches out over the dining room. I usually have to tell which animal is next and he finds it and hooks it up!

We made a rountine of going to the library after "mom to mom" on Tuesday mornings. It was my way of getting him somewhat okay with going to the "brown church". We pick out 5 books, and usually a video of some kind. After the library, we would go to "Angelos" (D'Angelos)..somedays we would meet friends, or papa, and somedays just Christian was my date! He now will say when we are in front of a restaurant, "we are at Angelos, I will have breadsticks!"

After his nap, we usually go outside and have a popsicle if its warm. The other day he said, "my belly is getting very full of this popsicle. Your belly is huge!"
me: "Why do you think its huge?"
C: "Because it is BIG and STRONG." (such a self esteem booster!)

However...this wasn't nearly as "bad" as the time the three of us were in the grocery store and we were next to a rather large man. Christian says, "that is a REALLY BIG MAN!!" We kept moving..a little quicker..and I'm glad the man was smiling, instead of crying over the bluntness of a 2 year old.

He handed me a truck that does not open, and said, "open the front."
me: "I don't think it does."
C: "You can be-tend" (pretend)
So I did..and his face fills with a smile, and I say, "oh hello, who is in there."
C: "Delivery people!!" "Do it again!"
This occupied about 15 minutes..only because I stopped. It amazes me how something so simple can be entertaining to him for awhile..when other things that I would thing are very intriguing he can spend a couple seconds with!

His favorite characters right now are...Larry Boy (veggie tales), Lightning McQueen and Mater (cars), and Thomas (the train).

He comments DAILY on how he wants to go on an airplane ride. No lie...daily. And it is followed by his recollection of his airplane ride. "I went on an airplane ride, and I went to the airport. We went to the beach, and there was sand, and I climbed on the big HUGE sandcastle. And I saw the water, and there was seaweed in the water, and we don't like seaweed, it is yucky." He recalls a version of this very often...I think he still has very fond memories of our Mexico trip in February!

He is still VERY much a fan of hooking things up, making a row, stacking things, tying things with a string. He gets quite crafty makes me wonder what his little mind is thinking up!

I could keep going...but these were a few of the conversations or things he has been up to lately. I love this little guy...I just never know what he will come up with.

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too cute!! i've been thinking i need to actually record some of the things luke has been telling me lately,'ve inspired me to get it done!