Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those days that makes me feel overwhelmingly blessed.
Blessed that I am privileged to be a mama to such a sweet little, loving boy.
Blessed that I have such a loving Mom who I consider my close friend.
And blessed that I have family, on both sides, who value time spent with one another on such days to celebrate.

This little guy has my heart...always has and always will. I'm truly grateful that I get to be his mama.
so does this baby..
him or her..I love them already! 
It amazes me how much you can love something that you've never seen.
I am a little over 3 months pregnant in this picture (14.3 weeks...since this is what I do for my job..I never talk in "months"..its ALWAYS in weeks!)

We went to Ben's family gathering at John and Chris's place. 
My absolute FAVORITE food was the appetizer...outside open fire-baked pizzas! 
They do such a nice job, and serve so generously.

Then we went home for awhile, took naps...and went over to my parents for the evening.
Everyone was so looks so summery and happy!

Grandma with her grandkids

I thought this picture was funny...they are all distracted by "something" on the ground.

My snuggle bug

Christian and Kade being silly

I just thought this was a sweet picture of Kade and Grandpa

One of the many things Mom is good at...making pies! This was the BEST strawberry pie..yep, I ate 2 pieces..and I LOVED every bite!

And a little thief swiped some of the whipped cream from Uncle Mitch.

Then we played a game croquet.

The picture of us three more than a tad blurry..the boys took it!

What a good day!

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