Saturday, April 7, 2012

botanica [ spring 12 ]

 Ahh...spring is here and it is beautiful!
We went to the Botanica Gardens in Wichita to check out the tulips. 
I love tulips, they are so happy and colorful.
I think they bloomed a little earlier than usual this year, because of the mild winter..warm spring we started with...either way they were very vibrant and we loved walking around looking at them!

The children's area is a fun little zone...a bit busy because it was a weekend...but nevertheless a good time.

Christian was "fluffing" the flowers...I don't know as if that's really recommended, but there was alot of them, so I don't think it hurt if he "fluffed" one or two.

I bet there is a HUGE flower area in heaven...I think that every time I go to this place...there has to be something WAY bigger and even better in heaven.

Happy Spring!

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the brokaws said...

that kid is so stinkin' cute.