Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter is such a special time to celebrate. 
The real reason...that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our that we may live eternally in Heaven someday.

The concept is a lot for me to comprehend, so I don't expect Christian to really grasp it yet..but he was very good at saying, "He has risen...HE IS RISEN INDEED!!"
And you better believe he participated in responding with the rest of the church when that was said. 
He may or may not have been just a couple seconds delayed..but definitely had the volume and gusto to mean it!

He wouldn't hold still to get a good picture, so we had to involve an Easter egg.

After church we went to John & Chris's house in Inman (Ben's uncle/aunt) for a nice Easter meal.
They have a train track in their landscaping that Christian was a pretty big fan of.
Grandma and Grandpa H. brought MANY Easter eggs for him to find...he LOVED that!

Ben and Sam

Then we went to Mom and Dad's for more Easter celebration.
Christian sat for a brief egg dye (a single egg) and then REALLY needed a he did while the other kids had their egg hunt. Then when he woke up, he had his own. The big "kids"...aka, the rest of us..also had our usual easter egg hunt. :) Never too old!

It was a good Easter...we are very grateful for the gift from our Redeeming Savior!

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