Monday, August 2, 2010

Our little boy is ONE!

Happy Birthday Christian!!

You are such a sweet little boy. We love you so much. 

taken on Aug 4, 2009...2 days old

almost 1 year old...taken by Aunt Alyssa :)

Now that you're ONE, you are...

Eating some table food..trying different things anyway. You drink whole milk (without any problem) from a bottle in the morning and at bedtime. 

You're crawling EVERYWHERE, and you know how to crawl the "right" way now.

You're still holding onto our hands to walk, but you seem to be much more steady...maybe soon you'll try to on your own.

You can pull yourself up and get into about EVERYTHING that is within reach.

You love to keep anyone that is in the bathroom company if they leave the door open...your favorite is while the shower is running.

You love your brown blanket...and you know how to tuck it "just so" in between your legs to go to sleep.

You sleep with your pacifier.

You still LOVE music...singing. You really seem to like people singing "happy birthday to you"!! 

You're smile is so sweet. On your 1st birthday your 4th tooth came through. 

You say "mama mama mama mama" and "dada dada dada dada"...but it's kinda hard to tell if you are saying it in relation to either one of us.

You have developed an intense dislike to the changing table..and you know how to wriggle your way to the sitting position in less than a second.

You just switched to taking one nap in the morning and one long nap in the afternoon. I'm not sure if this will stay, but that's what you've done for several days now.

You like to read have ones that you really seem to enjoy like "Moo, moo brown cow"

You just got your first haircut this last week. Daddy said you had to have one before your 1st birthday.

I could keep going...but I won't. You keep changing and growing. We are so glad you are a healthy, happy little have brought us joy beyond words! I pray we have MANY more years to celebrate :)

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the brokaws said...

It seems impossible he is one already! His photo is adorable!!