Friday, August 27, 2010

door..wide open


Yep, this is officially what the front of our yard looks like now :)

Just a brief rundown of how this happened...
A week ago today, Ben went to student teach and Christian and I went to Hesston for the inspection at the "hesston house" in the morning. In the afternoon, I went with Mom to pick up the beef that we got (3 coolers full) in Whitewater. I had parked at a building near the interstate and just rode with Mom to the locker and back...then we were going to go our separate ways. Well, after I had loaded all the meat into the trunk I took the diaper bag out and shut it. Little did I know that my keys were going to fall out as I picked up the diaper bag...leaving them locked in the trunk with ALL the meat in 100 degree weather. Mind you..its about 3:45 or so and we had a scheduled showing at 6:00, which was going to work out perfect since we were going to our neighbors (4 houses down) for supper. I was planning on still making pasta salad and picking up the house a little bit more prior to supper. Well...after the men at the building that I was parked in front of tried several times to figure out a way to "break" into my car without scratching it, they finally called a lock smith to help me out. At least Mom was waiting with Christian and me AND we had an air conditioned building to wait in. So the man came, and all was well I suppose. It was 4:30 by then, so I had told Ben to start boiling the water for the pasta salad and informed him of a short list of things that were probably going to need to take place in a short amount of time when I got home.We got home about 4:50..changed Christian, was going to lay him down for a nap since he was getting quite unhappy...4:55 the phone rings..someone wants to show the house at 5. Like as in 5:00, in 5 min...5:00. Umm..well, I told them 5:30 would work. So the next 20 min was well...just nuts. We unloaded an entire freezer full of beef, made the pasta salad, received ANOTHER call to show the house the next day, cleaned up the house a little bit more, and got out the door at 5:25 so the person could come look at the place. we had an enjoyable supper and came home around 8:30. Shortly after, Ben got a phone call from our realtor telling us that indeed the house was shown twice this evening, and the first guy put an offer on it already!!! 
I just can't even tell you how happy I was when he told me this. I had just been praying that very day that God just takes away any worry or feelings of anxiousness about the whole situation because really I knew it would be alright either way and whatever was really supposed to happen would find a way out. That was just an incredible feeling to have that sensation of seeing how God can work the way that He sees fit. I mean the whole thing is just that very thing....
even finding the house in Hesston...then the offer being accepted by the seller...then the whole discovering the job opening at Newton Med for me...and ALL the things that lined up so that I would take the position there...and now SELLING OUR HOUSE!

So, we signed the contract the next day. The inspection on it was yesterday, and we're meeting with the realtor tonight to go over a few minor things we'll take care of tonight before we close in a couple weeks!!!! 


So now, its a bit crazy around here. I started the Newton job this week and began packing like a mad woman this week...and I'm pretty sure Christian's teething :) BUT...we're all good, and bottom line is God is good and so faithful!

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the brokaws said...

thinking about you guys amidst all your changes..hope all is going well!