Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Iowa trip

Justin and Ranee Brokaw
Luke (2), Tessa (7 weeks)

Last weekend we took a trip to Iowa to visit our good friends, the Brokaws. Ranee was my roommate at Hesston College. Whoever placed us together did an amazing job...because I have a lifelong friend, and my only complaint is that we don't live closer to each other! So, they have an adorable family, and we had to meet the newest member Tessa.

We arrived Friday evening in time for supper. Kyle (my cousin, and Ranee's brother-in-law), Julie and their little boy Isaac (almost 2 years old) joined us. Isaac is quite a cutie..and he loves babies! Even though Christian is a BIG baby for him to hold, he wanted to and did so quite effectively :) 

Saturday we had a FULL day of fun filled activities! We first went to a couple shops in Kalona, came home to eat lunch, then....the GIRLS went shopping while the boys stayed home. They have a nice outlet mall nearby..with many good stores I might add! Whew, we did well!! It was a productive shopping day, with plenty of good deals and much needed purchases :) We took a picture of our piles of goodness.

The boys joined us in town for some of the best pizza, and then ice cream too, AND there was a park right across the street that we went to. It was such a nice evening.

There was even a sunset to top off the day! You know its a good day when you can fit in all these things AND get a sunset :)

Good Morning!! 

It's a shame I didn't take any pictures of Ben playing with legos with Luke. He did that several times..and enjoyed it! Luke has quite the vocabulary and it doesn't seem possible that Christian will be saying things like this so soon! Sunday morning we were able to play a little bit more before going to church. After church we ate some lunch and then had to leave to come home. We had such a good time visiting our friends..only wish we could do it more often!!

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