Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outdoor project, Part 2...what to do with all that dirt??

Lots of dirt = new flower beds

Ben built all the flower beds out of landscape timbers...he was a busy little carpenter!
He put one in front of the shed, and the one covering the tree stump is a pyramid-like one.

My little helper and I are planting the flowers :)

One in the front for a tree to go...

A larger bed was put out by the street, in front of the angled driveway. We couldn't "technically" go out to the street with the gravel due to codes. It would've needed to be a specific amount of concrete to be able to do this, in case the city ever wanted to put a sidewalk there. If you've ever seen our street its HIGHLY unlikely they are going to install a sidewalk in our front we chanced it with the flower bed instead. If they really decide to make a sidewalk, I guess we'll have to say farewell to the new plants we just planted there.

And there was still more dirt after all back to the backyard we go...

One by the house, and the newly transplanted bushes in the corner. And the last and final one I don't have a picture of the before or after (I don't think)...its along side the north fence, on the other side of the "tree stump".

Here's our supervisor...sitting in his executive chair. Looking back on some of these pictures, its like finding "where's waldo", except its Christian in this activity thingy.

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