Sunday, May 2, 2010

9 months old!

Christian is 9 months old today!! Whew, the boy is growing up :) He is just cutting his 1st tooth through this week. One of many..but its a start. We're glad he is still a happy guy the majority of the time and healthy. We've had to give him allergy medicine everyday for the past several weeks, but its helping take care of the I'm glad. 

Its hard to keep track of all the new things he is doing over the last month..but here are a few:

-claps hands together with somewhat of a purpose

-likes to pat things...the floor, toys, my FACE 

-loves to play peek-a-boo...much more interactive with it

-when going through what animal makes what sounds the "puppy" and "kitty" are his favorite

-has to look ALL around whenever we go can expect him NOT to look at you if you're the one holding him

-drinks from a sippy cup...but really just thinks he's a "big boy" and chews on it more than drinking out of it

-can sit, roll, stand with help...and just on the brink of wanting to try to scoot. Only weeks away from being officially untrusted when left in a room for more than a few seconds.

-can be VERY vocal when he gets excited!

-sleeps through the night almost all the time..can't say he does 100% with nap time, but hey, as long as we all get sleep at night I won't complain

-recently switched to size 4 diapers, weighs 19 1/2 lbs...really curious how tall he is though! His hair is getting longer every week, makes him look so much older. His eyes are still bluish/greyish/greenish depending on the colors around. And he still gives the sweetest smiles that NEVER get old :)


Jenn_LDR said...

Wow, Jessica! Nine months already, where has the time gone? He is so cute...especially the messy bib pic. Thanks for the update.

Steven said...
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