Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Kade Man turns FIVE

Kade turns FIVE on November 10.
We celebrated the weekend before..and it was a GOOD time.

We started with a scavenger hunt outside..

...and we ended up taking a walk in their neighborhood, it was really pretty.

Then Mr. Kade opened presents...he got an awesome hat!

This is Kade's cousin, Blake...he was also their for the birthday bash. 
I couldn't help but put this picture in of him...I had fun with both him and his younger brother Henry. 

And here are a couple "super hero's" eating their pizza...
I think Christian might have been a blind super hero..he had a hard time opening his eyes!

And here is the birthday boy with his Larry Boy birthday cake that his mama made.
I had to put both pictures...they are both SO HIM!

Kade Man, you are such a sweet boy..I truly enjoy watching your sweet and oh so energetic spirit grow up. We love you lots!!!

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