Monday, October 31, 2011

our candy corn

We don't really get into Halloween. This year, whenever Christian would see a pumpkin carved at all...he would say, "ooh..scary. I no like Halloween." I'm not too crushed that he's not a big fan. I did teach him to say "trick or treat" which he did pretty cute...and then I'd tell him to say, "here is my trick (and spin around or something) and this is my treat (and blow a kiss)"
We dressed him up like a piece of candy corn and made about 4 stops. That was just right..and the ending stop we stayed for supper and met some other lovely trick-or-treaters. We'll have to go to that place again next year :) our house..

at Uncle Mitch's house.....and lastly at Grandma and Papa's house with the cousins!

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