Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cody & the Rodeo! {day three of trip}

July 2: Happy Birthday Carissa!!! We had a large continental breakfast at the Garden Inn, and then left for Cody, WY. It was a pretty drive and we stopped for a picnic lunch.

We arrived at the Big Bear Motel in Cody around 3 pm. Ben and Christian got in the rather cool outdoor (heated) pool while I enjoyed watching in the warm sun. It was a beautiful day, mid to high 80's.

We were there during the "Stampede" days, so the downtown was very full of people, shops, and festival type things. We ate at a place that served different kind of meat burgers. Ben got a yak burger, and I got an elk burger. They were good :) They also served meats like..alligator, kangaroo, buffalo and others I can't remember.
And then....we went to the rodeo!!! I was looking forward to this :) Christian wasn't too excited about it during the first 30 minutes because he was tired and the sun was starting to set directly in our eyes. So Ben and him went outside the arena and played on some tractors, and then we all sat together for the rest of the entire rodeo! He would say, "ahh, shoot"..I think he heard his mama saying that when the riders fell off. It was a good rodeo, I'm glad we were able to go and ALL enjoy ourselves!

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Mallorie said...

Awww Shoot! That sounds like fun! lol