Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Joy" on the job

So this past week, we officially bought a different car and we like it quite a bit. The plan is to take my car to the shop to make sure its in good shape..and then Ben will drive it, and we will sell his car. The next events are taken place so that we could get my car to the shop sooner than later, so we can sell Ben's car as soon as possible.
When buying a different vehicle, the tag office has to be involved of course. I thought I could handle it, so I gathered the information and headed there on Monday. Joy was "helping me", that was her real name. I quickly realized how unfitting this name was for her. It's kinda like those really grumpy old men named "Smiley". She went ahead and informed me in such a kind way that basically I didn't have any of the right papers, and gave little to no help in making sure I would come back with better luck next time. I did get two forms from her, which was quite a feat for her since it was a click of a button and the printer was directly in front of her..but I was glad for at least that.
Tuesday...this was my day off, and I had planned on taking the Civic (my car) to the shop, and then I would have the tag to drive the other car. So..I had the forms filled out, and the previous owner had signed where needed to be signed and everything. I matched the dates on the form so they would match, I had to cross out with a single line the date I had originally put to do this. Going back to the tag office, I thought to myself, "I'm going to have a better experience, even if it is Joy I'm dealing with." So I get there, take a number, although there are only 3 of us waiting and 5-6 workers behind the counter. I wait a minute, and luckily someone else has the pleasure of being "helped" by Joy, so I get to go to Natalie. As I'm going to the counter I ask her how she is doing today, hoping I can gage whether or not I will have a better day from her or not. After her answer of fine, that was all the friendliness I got out of her. I handed her the forms and she took one teeny glance at it and was holding them out right back to me. "I can't do anything with these, they've been altered." I asked her if white out was an option, but apparently that was an obvious answer. That was all the further she was going to help...but I was exactly pleased with having to figure this out by myself. I asked her if I had filled the information out "correctly" if I could get the 30-tag. She sighed in disgust and said, "well yeah, but I don't know what you think you're going to do without the title at the end of the 30 days." Granted, it had been a whole 4 days since the purchase of this car, and the money from our bank had maybe reached the previous owners bank on that exact there was no way we had the title to even give her. I had no words for her, completely frustrated, unhappy that she couldn't tell me how to go about getting the proper forms or information..I promptly left the tag office. I even had a good healthy cry in the car before going back home...and let me just tell you I was completely frustrated that the tag office ladies got the best of my little pregnant emotions because I can't even remember the last time I cried like this! So, I called Ben (even though he was at class) and left a message. He called back within 30 minutes in between classes, and I tried to stay calm to tell him that I was done dealing with the tag office and we needed yet another signature from the previous owner, Steve. He had asked me to call and meet Steve over his lunch hour and then hand in the forms. At this point, I no longer was able to hold in the frustration at the tag office ladies, and told him I was done dealing with it all FOR REAL, and if it had to wait until another day that was fine, but I WAS DONE! He got the point, and really understood it wasn't him I was upset with, but the lovely ladies. Within 30 minutes he was home, he had told his teacher that his wife needed him to deal with something (I sound like a crazy wife) and apparently his teacher was a very understanding lady. We headed downtown to get the signature and try out the downtown tag office opposed to the west side. Needless to say, the older lady helping us at that office may have smoked 2 packs a day for her entire life, but she sure was friendly and actually helpful. Not only did she modify our form (apparently not as tragic to do as Natalie had thought), but she was helpful in telling us what we needed to do to get the regular tag. I don't even care whether it was Ben's intimidating presence, or whether God decided to give me a break at the tag office...we got the tag!
Bottom line is: if you truly dislike your job so much that its affecting the customers to the point of them crying...its probably time to find a job where you either 1) do not have to interact with people or 2) actually enjoy your line of work. Just a wild guess, I think both Joy and Natalie should choose to quit and go ahead and choose reason #1.

Wish me luck when it comes time to return back for the actual tag, I have a couple weeks to recover :)


the fredin's said...

Wow..I am SORRY that I recommended the west side tag office. Never again :). I still think you should call and complain...I don't care of they do hate their job, they need to suck it up or move on!

Anonymous said...

did anyone ever mention to you that perhaps you should go into writing and/or storytelling???