Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiny thumper

Yesterday, Ben and I went to look at buying a different car. We had to stop by the bank first and talk about money. While we were sitting there, I guess the baby was excited about the idea of a different car too...I felt it moving around in there. I had wondered on Sunday if that was what was going on in there, but now I now for sure! I was pretty amazed, and happy that he/she is having a good time in there moving around. Ben said he felt sorry for "her" (he thinks its a girl) because she must get bored in a small area with nothing to do. Well, that's about all. Oh, and we were very happy with the car, so hopefully within the next couple days it will be with us!

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the fredin's said...

Oh yay!! That is the most amazing feeling ever, isn't it? Oh just gets better and better. (I think you still needs some pictures on here of that growing belly :)