Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas celebrations

Our first Christmas together!! Christmas Eve I was put on call instead of having to go into work, so we went to Hesston for the evening. We had dinner with the Christophel's (family friends) and then went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Afterwards, we went to Mom and Dad Sweigart's and played "rock band" on the Wii...consisting of playing the drums, guitar, and singing! We were maybe not rockstars...but we had quite abit of fun playing it all the same.
Christmas morning we opened presents to each other before heading to Harper for the Hershberger extended family Christmas gathering. I received a homemade coffee table from Ben for our basement...quite impressed and surprised of his abilities :) We had an enjoyable time with the Hershberger family at Tim and Faith's home. Ben's parents and Sam came over afterwards for another smaller Christmas of our own. We opened presents and then played the Wii, which was quite entertaining! They spent the night at our house.
Friday we (Ben's family) went to celebrate yet another Christmas with the friends. That evening we stopped in at the Mom and Dad Sweigart's for supper and games. We had quite the evening... especially playing PIT with Mitchell's loud voice and Dad's interesting way of mixing cards!

Saturday we went to a friend's wedding, and spent the night at Mom and Dad Sweigart's to begin the Sunday morning Sweigart Christmas! We had a day of presents, FOOD, games, and fun. What a good first Christmas we had together :)

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