Friday, July 7, 2017

Isaac [6 months]

Yes, sweet Isaac you are 6 months old...half of a year! 
Oh my, I want to hold tight to these moments that you are still so small, snuggly, and just such a happy baby because they are going by all to quickly. 

You are still adored by all, especially the more interactive you get. You smile SOOOO easily. Your brothers don't even have to say anything, they can just look at you, or walk by, and you give them your 2 toothy smile. You really are quite happy, the only time you fuss anymore is when you are tired and ready for bed or you are hungry. 

I love how you grab your toes, and you stick them in your mouth like they are toys. So cute. 
You are a healthy size little man. You weigh 19# 3oz (79%) and 27 1/4" (75%).
I can know you are longer than your bigger brothers were at this age, because the clothes they were wearing at this age, you have long outgrown. You are wearing many 12 month onesies, some 18 months! I'm curious if you are going to keep on this little growth are going to be tall if that's the case! 

You tried baby oatmeal shortly after turning 5 months, and liked it from the beginning. We just now introduced some veggies...started with carrots. So far, you may give some funny faces, but have eagerly opened your mouth for more! I am hopeful that your liking to a variety of veggies or food in general is better than your brothers :)

I love these jammies and you..SO super soft and snuggly. Like a real squishy, snuggly baby doll. And all I have to do is start talking, and you give me that sweet smile. I love how you hold your hand in a fist. Quite often, you are flapping your arms and legs so hard when you get all excited, we ask you "Are you trying to fly Isaac? Where are you off to!?"

We dedicated you at church on Father's Day. This was the best picture we got off the day. You were a cooperative little guy, and very curious about your new faith box they gave you :)

You still have really light brown, with just a tint of reddish/blonde to it, and it sticks up all over. If ever we are in public, everyone likes to touch your hair and comment how they like it. You don't seem to mind. There's not too much you mind..unless the hunger/tiredness is a factor. You love to lay on your changing table and wave your arms and legs. You giggle when your bootie is cleaned off. You spit up often, and it never seems to bother you...but it sure does make a mess. Between the two of us, we go through some outfit changes in a day! The doctor said that should slow down now that you're 6 months old.

You like to swim, just like you like your bath. You kick, kick, kick! 
You are close to sitting up on the floor unassisted, but so far, you gracefully tip over after a couple seconds. And you are close to crawling, you can so far get up on all fours and do a rocking motion. SLOW DOWN baby boy!

You like the exersaucer, you love to stand and move around, chew on everything! Your brothers are all quite helpful in making sure you have toys and things to play with. They are not so appreciative of you slobbering on their things (especially not THEIR blankets!). Noah talks to you in an airy, loud voice, "oooooh Isaaaaaac, you're so SWEET, you're so CCCUUUUUTTTE. Oooooh Issssaaac." And he now likes to kiss you when he goes past you. "I need to give Isaac a kiss first."
Jonah still checks in on you very frequent (and gives you many many kisses), "Hiiiiiii Isaaaaaaac! Hiiiiii!" He will just lay with you, or hold your hand, he is still very gentle with you...which is saying something! He is protective, and lets me know if he feels like you are getting near something that could potentially harm you. The other day he was telling one of the other two, "NOOOO!!! Don't touch him, he doesn't like that! Get away from him!"
And Christian is enjoying talking with you much more that you now have a form of responding more excitedly. He likes to talk to you, and its so sweet. "Heyyyy buddy, hey! Whatcha doing?? Wanna see this??? (followed by a silly little face)."

You are such a bright-eyed, happy little baby...and we all love you dearly. Your squeals and laughs bring so much joy. Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaac Jesse!

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