Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How big is Christian??


He LOVES to do this....along with any other reason that gets people to clap for him, this is definitely the favorite though.

He's learning how to walk....

He knows how to tickle ( 'icka, icka, icka')

He climbs up and down the stairs.

He waves bye-bye appropriately now...and also just waves at a person if he's wanting to say hi I guess...but then he waves by putting his hand by his forehead (he's just silly I guess).

He loves to crawl around outside, especially on the deck.

He "reads" books to himself...and loves to be read to, right now his favorite is "Dimity Duck". We usually read that about 3 times through before he's ready to move on to the next one. 

He's much more creative with playing "peek a boo", and loves to talk through the stair banisters or his crib's pretty entertaining!

He is much more involved with bath time...SPLASHING!

When referring to the dog (at Mom and Dad's), he says "ggah" for go...I'm thinking he hears us tell the dog to "go" quite often.

He loves playing with the push/walk toys...he'll walk them until they run into a wall or obstacle, then walk to the back/front end of it while hanging on to it, and push it the opposite direction...back and forth :)

"bbbmmmbbbmmmm" goes any tractor...crazy how they learn this so fast, its not like we practice that kind of thing. He does like playing with tractors.
He's quite the mess....for real..very messy eater sometimes :)

We LOVE our growing boy!

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Alyssa said...

the first pic of christian is like "holla!"