Monday, August 7, 2017

Isaac [7 months]

Hello there sweet Isaac...
7 months old and on the go already!

You sit very well, although can't quite master that position on your own from being on your belly. You are crawling of sorts. The traditional "crawl" is intermixed with your own scoot-scoot-push. Regardless, you get around, and you seem to be more interested in everything that is NOT placed in front of you to distract you. You like floor vents/registers, crumbs of any kind, the leg rungs on bar stools, shoes, cords...pretty much anything that is disgustingly covered in germs or is dangerous you are a big fan of! So, the baby gates are up, most doors remain closed, and I am constantly trying to pick up the little things that get dropped within your vicinity. 

You are often greeted by your brothers. Noah and Jonah in particular are eager to go "talk to you" in the morning or when they hear you waking up from your nap. Noah has been calling you "mama baby" lately, which I have no idea where he came up with that name. But he says it all airy, "mmaaammma bbabbbbby, how are you??" I tell him it actually sounds kind of creepy, but neither he or you seem to mind, so I guess for now its alright. Jonah still is very fond of you, checks on your every move and lets me know if its ok or not. If he thinks it is unsafe, he will physically try and block you or simply snatch the item away from you.
You enjoy their presence most of the time. It doesn't take much to entertain these goofballs climbing in your bed while you were lying in it didn't seem to bother you at all! You will often squeal and talk LOUDLY with delight!

You are usually a VERY happy baby. I can know you are tired or hungry if you get fussy. The exception to this has been teething. Those ol' teeth aren't very nice and you've needed extra holding/snuggling for that. In the evening, its Daddy that can often get you to go to sleep if Mama has tried (and all you think you can do is eat from me...which makes your belly just hurt if you're already full!). Its always so cute to see you lay on Daddy's chest...I'll tell him how jealous I am, because there's just nothing quite like a baby lying on you sleeping like that.

That warning on your shirt holds true...
you are not afraid to chomp down on anything and everything with those ol' teeth. Your teething game is strong, and you have 4 teeth already! There really is no reason you need all those teeth yet, so you could probably slow down in that area. But you do give the sweetest big smile ever!
As far as food goes, we are starting to feed you "food" twice a day, and you haven't really refused anything..which is nice! You nurse about 3-4 times during the day...and Lord have mercy, I don't even know how many times you wake up and I feed you to easily help you back to sleep at night. It happens..that's what I know. If by 2 years old you're still getting up this frequent we'll get serious. But until then, I figure you will probably figure it out at some point just like your brothers.

You are aware of where Mama is. It is sweet, you light up if I walk in a room, and your head is on a swivel if I'm not the one holding you. You will reach for me if I'm near you (you will do this somewhat for Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa as well).

 Your hair is starting to lay down! It is light brown/dark blonde with a tint of strawberry blonde like red sometimes. Your eyes are still bright and blue. I would think you'd keep your eye color, but I bet your hair will continue to get darker like your brothers. You have just grown like crazy. I don't know how much you weigh (more than last month!)..more than 19#. But its just nuts how long you are, as you are FILLING out 12-18 month clothes! And you and Jonah wear the same size 4 diapers..also craziness!

These cuties...
in the evening especially, everyone is a fan of either "holding or talking to or giving kisses" to you. You like playing "peek-a-boo", it gets an immediate smile every time. You are also ticklish...even when I clean you off with the washcloth you will giggle. You grab and swat with those little chubby hands..and you're quick! I think every time I've attempted to wear a necklace I have to take it off as you will gladly pull/grab it hard enough to nearly remove it yourself.

You like to be kissed on, "got", and playing "this is the way the Lady goes" on Grandpa's knee. You have also discovered there is a super cute baby that looks at you when you look in the mirror...its so cute. You get so excited to see 'that baby'!

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