Friday, June 30, 2017


A few of our June moments...

Following a nice thunderstorm, we had the most beautiful BRIGHT rainbow and surreal colors outside.

We had fun hanging out with some friends at their house..
minus the bloody nose (Noah through a frisbee at Dylan's nose) the boys had a really fun time!

These three can play play play....not always without squabbling, but you know
thats what happens!

They love to watch/help their Daddy with projects. And they love to build their own things, "you know, with REAL wood and nails."
They have a good teacher!

 One of my very favorite sights, common in the morning...Christian reading to his brothers.
He loves to read...and they LOVE to be read to, so its a win-win!

 A day out with Christian...he's growing up!

What a sleepy little baby...he so sweet and cuddly.

Jonah will often say, "Where are my guys?" or "Where are my brudders?" 
He looks up to them..well, he adores the littlest one a whole lot too!

 Enjoying the evening and the beautiful weather. 

Had one-on-one time with Noah...and I taught him how to play Blokus. 
I was officially impressed :)

What a goofball...wearing Noah's glasses!

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