Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Isaac [5 months]

Sweet, little (big) are now five months old!
You are just the squishiest, snuggliest, drool-iest little guy and we love you to pieces.

You weigh around 19 pounds, at your 4 month check up which was late this past month you were in the 80 something %ile for weight, and 70 something for no wonder I was thinking you were bigger than the other boys, you are!
You are wearing 6-12 month clothes or 9 month depending on the brand, and as soon as we run out of these size 2 diapers you are needing those size 3 mister. 

You have such a sweet smile that when you really like something, it will fill up your face...and I love it! You giggle too...and I wish I could bottle up that sound, its so precious. You often do that when we "get" your belly, you are ticklish! You can also be startled (aka cry super hard!) by loud noises, men's voices, or just someone that thinks you will like a short abrupt sound..and you really don't at all. You love the words "peek-a-boo", being sang to, and being talked to by mama, daddy and all your brothers!

You have the bluest bright and blue. And your hair cracks me is definitely growing, but it still sticks up like a little chicky! One of these days, it will grow long enough to lay down. 
You aren't sitting up on your own yet, but you sit very well supported, and like to stand supported on our legs. You just tried out the exersaucer sitting toy the other day and enjoyed it! You roll from your tummy to back, but not quite yet the other way. And oh goodness can you inch your way around when you are on your belly especially! You are not in the same spot if I lay you down on a blanket and walk away!!

You don't have any teeth, but you LOVE to chew on toys or our fingers/hands. And the drool...if someone was in the market for baby are the baby for the job. Wowsa, lots of it :)

You receive MAAANNNY compliments and kisses on a very regular basis. I cannot tell you how often Jonah (and Noah in this last month) tell you how cute you are, or remind me of how cute you are. "Isaac is SO cute!" "Isaac you CUTE! You SOOOO CUTE!" And if it's coming from Jonah, it is ALWAYS followed by at least one kiss...or 10, and that's nearly each time he passes by you do the math. A lot of kisses. You are dearly loved (by all of us!).

We went on a short vacation to Omaha this past month, and you did good! You even tried out the swimming pool for the first time. You liked the water, which is no surprise as you love to kick/splash in your bathtub too!
The one day, as your brothers and daddy were still in the pool and I was getting ready in the room, I laid you down and you fell asleep like this! 

You've started "talking" in the last week or so..its hilarious. You change your pitch of your "oooh's and aaaah's" and through in a squeal or 2..and then get a couple really higher, longer squeals and you're story really gets going! 

You don't spend too much time in the swing, but you seem to like it when you are "bored" of laying on a blanket when I'm doing house stuff or helping the other brothers. Its so funny how fast you can kick your legs and flap your arm when you are excited or happy about something, especially when you lay under your play gym. 

Daddy and I took you on a date with us, and while we were in Target you fell this. We laughed pretty hard. Never know when you mind need to be ready...maybe you were dreaming of your big brothers playing around you!!

My biggest and littlest boy crushes :)

Isaac, we love to watch you grow and all the fun noises you make. I love love love to hold you and snuggle you. I love your wet, slobbery open mouth kisses, and even when you grab onto me (and it doesn't always feel wonderful). You are a sweetheart and we are so glad to have you as the littlest brother of the family!

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