Thursday, June 1, 2017


Ben wanted to have us do something special for my birthday. We maybe had a bit of a rough start to the day, but it went uphill from there! We went to Tanganyika, and enjoyed the outdoors and animals!
(Isaac was sleeping in the stroller.)

Christian got to feed Daisy, the pygmy hippo (she likes carrots!).

Jonah cracks me up..he wants to get in there and feed anything he can! The lorikeets are such pretty birds. 

 We had the kangaroo exhibit to ourselves. They are SO soft. The one in the middle has her little joey in her pouch.

The bunnies are well fed here...they so big!

 As our the tortoises, I feel as though they could take out a small child...and they are not slow when they are on the prowl for a piece of lettuce!

Glad we brought the makes for happier, hot, sweaty boys.

In the evening, we had supper at Mom and Dad's, played bocce ball and ate fresh strawberry pie!
It was a good birthday. I enjoyed being around my favorite people..good food...and beautiful weather!
Grateful for my 34 years, hope I get many many more!!

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