Monday, May 29, 2017

Omaha trip

We decided to take a mini trip to start the summer...
and Omaha seemed to be the right distance and had some of the things we were 
hoping the boys would be excited about!

We left for Omaha after getting around, and arrived around 4:30. After checking into our hotel, we found a place to eat called "The Amazing Pizza Machine". They did have pizza (I'm not so sure it should be classified as 'amazing'), and other buffet kid-friendly foods...and then we got to PLAY!!!

Lots and lots of games and lights and more games.
They had a good time, and then onto more fun at the hotel to swim before bed 
(which was probably equally as fun for them!).

The next morning, it was rainy and we headed to the Children's Museum. There were a few others that had the same idea. But man was it such a neat place!! 

 We left for lunch, and found a place called Pickleman's downtown which had really good pizza. .

In the afternoon, we just came back to the hotel to go swimming...that was just as exciting for them as anything ;) Isaac even joined for a short bit... this was his first time swimming!

We went to a fun place to eat for supper. Too bad Jonah REALLY had other plans. Call it lack of a nap or that he's two...but regardless, the so-called fun outing ended up being a meal to-go for Ben. The two of them hung outside while the other 2 boys (Isaac slept) and I ate fast inside. It maybe didn't go quite as planned. We called it a night, went back to the hotel after stopping for some snacks and watched some shows on the laptop after the boys fell asleep! That's the kind of awesome night we get when there are little people involved!! And I'm not even being sarcastic (minus the meltdown by Jonah), it ended up being a good night!

Sunday, we headed to the Omaha Zoo, along with a lot , as in THOUSANDS of other people this glorious sunshiney Memorial Day weekend!

The aquarium part of the zoo was a huge hit, it was so cool. 
All sorts of fish, sharks, sting rays, jelly fish...
considering Noah frequently includes the sea animals in his supper time prayer, it made for a very good time!

This zoo is SO big and required lots of walking, and it was a warm day. I was thankful we rented this wagon AND took our stroller, and the baby carrier. In no way could we see the whole zoo, but what we did see was memorable! The boys (minus Isaac) and Ben swam again in the hotel pool in the afternoon. Isaac and I had a quiet afternoon in the room, which was kind of a special treat too! 

For supper, we went to Mama's Pizza (SO good), a local pizza place. Not only was the pizza really good, but they had a sign that said something like "Children are Welcome....but No Running and No Screaming." And after last night's fiasco with Jonah at the restaurant, that sign worked wonders! I said, "you can't fuss, there's no fussing in this restaurant." I maybe stretched what the wording was a touch, but we had a very pleasant meal! I think I might need to make one for our house!

After supper, Christian had some money (that Grandpa had given him) to take us out for ice-cream! So Dairy Queen it was...and they were VERY pleased with it!!

On Memorial Day, we left after breakfast and headed home.

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