Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama's Day

My dear sweet boys..
I think somehow they missed the memo on treating their mama extra "special" on this day. Nevertheless, they are my boys, I love them dearly..and it doesn't take a special day to make or break the fact that I get to be their mama.

It was high school graduation today as well, so Ben was gone for a bit this afternoon. In the evening, we had supper at Mom and Dad's with the rest of the family. was also Mitchell's birthday was a day of reasons to celebrate!

I took a video of the drive home from Mom and Dad's was simply comical.
All four boys were crying, very loud, SUPER was a summary of the day for sure, but man, it was funny.
Being a mama is not always easy, not always full of 'feeling' loved, it has tears (on both ends), but it is more rewarding than anything. I really can't believe we have FOUR boys...
they are beautiful and perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn't trade being their mama for the world.
So Happy Mother's Day!
And aren't those flowers and "boy" decor so sweet from Ben :)

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