Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Days

These boys LOVE donuts. Grandpa spoils them and brings them by often on Saturday mornings.
The long johns are Jonah's favorite..although for some reason he refers to them as "gloves".
"I wanna nother glove!" 

We went to Exploration Place a couple times..they had a really cool Ice Age exhibit. 

He kind of combined all types of styles here...

Ben showing his abilities and the proper basketball attire to the boys. 

We went to story time at the library several Wednesdays. Both Noah and Jonah enjoy it at different levels (Isaac pretty much slept through it!). Jonah is very verbally interactive, whereas Noah thoroughly enjoys listening and then later will repeat the stories. And we'd always leave with a stack of books...and EVERYBODY loves that!

We had a wide range of weather...
but the boys were able to play outside several times in shorts and shirts (or in Jonah's case lacking both!). They had a picnic supper due to both their request and how dirty they were!

Just a glimpse into my mornings...
it usually goes something like Jonah chasing Noah trying to pester him/hurt him, and Noah runs screaming not fighting back...but they both end up running to me. So here they sat/lay, on the bathroom floor while I was trying to get ready in the ever-so-thoughtful-way that they do :)

It was family night at the indoor football arena in Wichita...sponsored by Kansas Electric.
Kade and Christian got to go out with Grandpa to meet the players, throw the game ball, and do the coin toss. They got signed footballs to keep!

Isaac is growing and changing daily...
my little guy and I matching in our grey and white stripes!

 Easter cookie making party!

His PJ's say chick magnet...
he may be shy, but I tell you what at home he has quite the volume and spunk.

Christian really likes to build...this is one of his creations.

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