Friday, March 3, 2017

Jonah [2 1/3 years]

I feel as though you are growing up literally overnight, so I thought it was time to remember you at this stage in life. 
You are QUITE the character. Goodness, you bring so much spunk, so much sass, test my patience to the MAX....yet, you are hilarious, handsome, and so lovable. 

The worry that we had prior to Isaac's birth (that you'd be very possessive and jealous) has vanished since you met adore Isaac. You get in his face to admire him, you ask "where Isaac?" if he happens to be sleeping, you let use know "Isaac sweeping?" and then you attempt to nuzzle up next to him with your cheek on his head. You seem to need to know where and what he is doing at all times, and inform others (ahem..Noah) of his whereabouts and if he is allowed to touch him. "Noah, leave him alllooone. Don't touch him, Noah. Get back, Noah." (Ironically, you are told these things on a frequent basis, and Noah doesn't really seem to have a problem with touching him.)

You like to mimic any noises he makes, and then smile/laugh like its the funniest thing you've ever heard. Its so funny. I especially like when you mimic him looking around, you make your eyes go back and forth and say "Isaac say, uuh--uh---uhhh-uh". And when he cries, you let me know, in case I can't hear him, "Isaac cccccrrrryyiinngg, mommy!"

You try and keep up with your other brothers. You are tough, and can muscle your way around when you want something. You are not always welcomed with open arms when they are playing however, and this creates a problem for you...which usually you try to solve by completely destroying whatever it is they are working on. Thankfully, you have stopped running with your mouth wide open at Noah, as though you are going to bite the daylights out of him (you definitely DID bite him for several months...not okay!).

You are referred to as "buddy" by both Christian and Noah...very occasionally they will use your actual name. We still call you Jo-Jo, and could easily call you "hammer" or something along those lines..but we aren't exactly looking to encourage some of your 'hammer' tendencies. 
You refer to yourself as me, and begin MANY of your sentences with "me". "Me no like that", "me go over dare (there)", "me go down-dares (stairs)",  "me go outside", "me want juice", "me not go to bed", "me not poop my pants", "me want to watch a show", "me do it by mine-self." 
You are talking so much more in general. I can't keep up with all the things you say, but it is often very funny. You're currently in a phase where you are "cared" (scared) of many things that you let us know about. "Me cared of Cleo" (mom and dad's dog)....even though she is very kind to you. "Me scared of buuuuugs!" "Me cared of the dark." "You cared me Mommy." (If I walk in a room when he's looking down or at a book). 
You have started singing more. And it is both sweet and hilarious. You combine songs like crazy, Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle Twinkle get intermixed, with a bit of Silent Night in there. Its so funny. One of your latest versions of a song based off one Grandma sings when you nap at her house, "God loves me and Grandma loves me....Hallelujah!" (on repeat).

You love animals. Well, I should clarify, you love the idea of animals. You love to play with toy animals, you love to look at animals both in real life and on a show. But the reality isn't quite so "lovely", you spazz out if Cleo (mom and dad's friendly dog) gets near you, or our chickens (who are definitely more scared of you than you of them) get close to you. So for now, toy animals are what you love!

You have a tender side. The other day, when we were getting into the van, you accidentally broke my necklace. I was disappointed, didn't have to even say much, actually I didn't say much at all. I continued to get you and Isaac into the van, and as I was pulling out of the garage, you looked very serious at me and said, "Sorry Mommy, for breaking your neck-wace. Sorry for doing dat." Other times, when you have not realized how rough you are playing and you bonk into my head or smash my foot, I will let you know that it will come give the sweetest look, lean your head on me, kiss wherever it is that you hurt, and say, "Sorry mommy, sorry me hurt you, you okay Mommy?" 

You also have a super feisty side. This is most often shown when playing with Noah, and sometimes Christian. You know how to button push ALL TOO WELL. And Noah puts up with alot, but sometimes you both have it out with each other, and I've learned that unless someone is actually going to get seriously injured that it will play itself out. You are familiar with the "timeout" chair, and will finish doing what you see fit, and then run to the time out chair...saying "Me will sit in the time out chair now." There is a stubborn side as well, which you have a look for (used particularly for apologies or picking up toys).

You know how to go the bathroom on the potty...however, that is a place you have chosen not to do your business. It is getting more and more frustrating, as I know you KNOW what you are doing. You are very verbal, "Mommy, change my diaper. Me have a dirty diaper, me pooped in mine pants." OR this is one of the latest comments, "Me going to my hiding place to poop in my diaper. Me going behind the curtain."  UGHHH...child, poop in the toilet! And today, you watched me change Isaac's dirty diaper, and with a disgusted face you said, "Oooohh!! Disgusting Isaac, you pooped in your diaper. That dis-gusting!!" You my friend, have disgusting poop...infant poop is no match. I am certain in your own time you will decide its the thing to do, so I am not pushing you too hard. 

You sleep with your blue blankie, in your own bed (although you share a room with Noah). In the last month, you have decided to be a pistol about staying in your bed. You still ask for milk, which you have recently started calling "leche" thanks to your Daddy. So we give you some milk, and after its gone, you get up and moozie down the hall, or downstairs to find us. All the while, you have your blanket mostly covering your head (as if we can't see you right away). You are a mess about this. Daddy usually takes you back to bed, and this repeats several times. You also kick the wall like you are trying out for the Olympic soccer team in the middle of the night. I honestly don't think you realize you do this, but nevertheless, there is nothing hanging on that wall in your room. There were some sticker decals on them, but those were removed today after you proudly announced that you like to rip them off and smash them.

You started going to Sunday School this past month, and so far so good! You truly are growing up in how you handle things. Which is always you are becoming more and more independent! You got a much needed haircut the other day (however, it is MUCH shorter than intended!) and now you look SO grown up..and much more like Christian. 

Some of your favorites:
Reading books (the ones with Otis the tractor and Fred & Ted are your favorites at the moment), yogurt (nearly any flavor), playing in the sand pile, going (just going...whenever someone says they are going, you want to go to!), watching shows (Stinky & Dirty/Shaun the Sheep/Color Crew/Veggie Tales), wrestling with your Daddy and brothers, and baby Isaac.

I am so glad you are healthy and have the ability to bring such a vibrant, active presence our home. Never a dull moment, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
We love you Jonah!

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