Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Isaac [2 months]

Oh Sweet Isaac (that is what Noah refers to you as)...
you are indeed very sweet.
The newness has still not worn off, you are still very much loved!

Over this past month, you have grown almost 2 pounds! No wonder it seems like you are getting bigger and growing out of clothes. You are now 12 lb 6 oz (53%) and 23.6 inches long (78%), wear 3 month clothes, and size 1 diapers (although the rolls on your thighs are asking for size 2 soon!). 

You had your first Valentines Day (all the extra kisses and hugs you could have ever hoped for!). Some of your faces crack me up. You can give a real good mean mug, eyebrows furrowed, lips puckered out, stone face...but I think its because you are trying so hard to listen intently. It is funny how you can go from this, to a smile that spreads across your whole face. Oh, it melts my heart.

Jonah is still a huge fan of you! He is starting to be quite bossy to Noah regarding you in particular, "No get to close to him, Noah! Be QUIEEEETTT Noah! No touch him...get back! Leave him be Noah!" All of these things he should really be telling himself (as he has been told many times by me), but somehow he finds it more appropriate to warn Noah how to act with you. All your brothers are very good with you, you should be well looked after for quite some time!

We get to hang out in the evenings. Sometimes you lay down without a problem after your 8-8:30 feeding, and that is a bit of a shock that I don't have anyone to tend to for a bit (ahem..right now as I type this!). But often, you get a bit of a tummy ache and like to be held in the evening. As long as I'm holding you and if all else fails I feed you a long drawn out snack feed, then you are good. I don't mind, I love to hold you..you are a snuggly little boy. Then after your 11-11:30 feeding, I lay you down, and you sleep until around 4ish. So you are getting better! I don't really keep track of what your nap times are throughout the day...they happen when you're tired, I know that! But I do know you eat roughly, every 3 or so hours throughout the day.

"Hello?? Yes, I was wondering if I could order a bedtime snack? Perhaps some warm milk...and I'll do my best to sleep for a good long while if you give me plenty!"

You are wiggling more and more when you're awake. I used to lay you on the couch and not have to worry about you moving yourself (your brothers pestering you there is another story!). But just recently, you have shown me how strong you are both in your bed and the couch. You inch your legs over and over, and you definitely can MOVE! Luckily, Christian is a good helper if I need to leave the room for just a short bit and you want to be held. All three boys, do very well with you, and don't seem too bothered if you are unhappy (aka...crying). They will either inform me that "Isaac crrrrrying" or Christian will simply say, "Mommy, I think Isaac just wants you to hold him. He likes you. Or maybe he's hungry, he likes your milk." Noah's reaction is funny, he'll get close to him and talk with his lips outward, "Sweet Isaac, what's the matter? Are you crrrrying? What's the matter?? It's okay. Ohhhh, sweet Issaaaac."

  You got a new super soft blankie from Grandma. She has made you some very cozy blankets!! You sleep in your bed every night now. You sleep best on your tummy, and I know "they" say back is best...but you simply do not stay sleeping on your back (unless Daddy or I hold you). You've had crazy strong head control since the day you were born. 

You like bath time. I think this picture was the last time in this bath tub. It was super handy to use in the sink, but you are kind of squished in there. Since then, we've used the other baby tub...and you really like to move your legs in the water when you are in there!

Everyone was a bit fussy this particular evening. So...I played the piano, and you wanted to be held. It worked...you liked it..and so did the other boys. 
Another thing you started doing more is making noises..the sweet voice discovery ones. "A-goooo, A-geee." And sometimes when you smile at me as I'm talking to you, you make a squeal laugh like as if you can hardly contain the smile any longer! It is the sweetest sound. 

 We love you so much Isaac. I would say stop growing so fast, but I also want you to be healthy...so I suppose I will just keep embracing the days as they come. 

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