Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Isaac [one month]

Isaac, one month old and you already certainly found your place in our home.
You are the baby brother to three very proud older brothers. Each has their own relationship that they are forming with you.

Christian is the least outwardly vocal or physical about his love for you...but every evening at bedtime he asks to hold you when he gets tucked in. He talks to you and then gives you back. Noah will tell you about 50 "secrets" everyday. He will get REALLY close to your ear, not even in a whisper, but mouthing words in your ear. I've asked him what he tells you, and its often just information he thinks you need to know..ie...about his stuffed animals and toys. Jonah is the biggest surprise as far as how he connects with you. I thought by his personality he would be very jealous and have issues with you getting attention. Oh no...he is the your #1 fan, he checks on you constantly, pets your head with the side of his cheek, gives you MANY kisses on the top of your head, and asks "where Isaac?" if you are not within his vision. We all love you VERY much.

You don't have a lot of activity...you get held alot! If not held you are usually in your vibrating chair (minus the vibration as Jonah will not leave it alone and runs down the battery!) or laying on a blanket on the couch. We've tried the swing a couple times, but its just 'alright' for now. You are quite cuddly, and there is nothing like a snuggly little newborn laying on your chest...one of my most favorite things!

3 days old ------ 3 weeks old

A few of my favorites over the first month of you!

[10 days]

[2 weeks]

[3 weeks]

[4 weeks]

You breastfeed every 2.5-3.5 hours pretty much around the clock. 
You have smiled at me (4 weeks) ...several times, but not all the time just yet. 
Just switched over to size 1 diapers, and you wear a combo of NB/0-3 mo clothes. 
You are not a fan of sleeping by yourself. At night, we switched from attempting the pack n' play to laying you in the vibrating reclining baby seat. You will sleep, but not always restful at night...and usually I or sometimes Daddy will sit with you in the reclining chair just so we can all sleep. I have hope that you'll get it figure out :)
You love being held, you still tuck your legs up so you're a little ball like you were in utero.
You take a pacifier over half the time when you are just fussy and not hungry, the other half...you get real mad about the idea of a plastic device in your mouth!
You do NOT like your diaper or outfit changed...oh my goodness, you'd think that was the worst part of life!
You like your baths, and will stay alert and awake for quite awhile after it.
You have beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair, and you now weigh 10 lb 8 oz. 

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