Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Isaac Jesse

Isaac Jesse Hershberger
arrived Saturday, January 7, 2017
8 lbs 6 oz --- 19 1/2 in long
5:47 am

Friday around noon, I started having regular contractions. I have had many many many contractions this pregnancy. So, this wasn't anything too new or exciting. Around 3, they became stronger and stayed that way. By about 5:30, we decided to take the boys over to Mom and Dad's. We got some things around, and they still stayed regular and uncomfortable.

We got to the hospital around 7:30 or so. My dear friend Kellie met us there and had a room all picked out for us :) She has been there for the other three boys...and agreed to hang with me one more time! I told her I have been telling the baby to behave :)

After she checked me, I sat up, and my water broke. I was dilated to 4, but he was SUPER high still. They broke a fore bag around 9:00, I was a 6 by 10:00. Then he had times of 'misbehaving' with his heart rate...but not bad enough that we couldn't start some pitocin (as he was still VERY VERY high). So at 11:00 started pitocin, and by 11:23 I had gotten the epidural. Those pitocin contractions are no joke. My friend Crystal came in on her night off, just to receive that baby...as I had been changing and in the past it goes pretty quickly when I'm complete.
 Well...not this little man. I was complete by 2:00, but his head was still WAY to high. I pushed for a about 30 minutes, but his heart rate was not having it, and he wasn't coming down. So we took a break, I changed positions ALL over the place (yes, even with the epidural)...and after an hour and a half, he came down enough and equally as important his head turned to the right position as well! I started pushing at 5:40 and he was delivered at 5:47...as a tight fit! But he came....oh what a happy happy moment!

So much joy and relief. I couldn't believe he actual came, and he was healthy! Mama loves you so much Isaac.

Ben hung in there with me :) With Isaac's heart rate not always cooperating and it taking much longer than the other boys..he was equally as relieved to see him on the outside!

He ate well right away, and was very alert for a long time! We called to tell some very important big brothers that they could come see their new baby whenever they were ready. Mom and Dad brought them up by late morning. 
It doesn't seem real that all FOUR of these precious boys belong to us!
We are so blessed by each one.

Isaac Jesse, I am so glad you came when you did. You are just perfect. 
Happy BIRTHday sweetheart!!

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