Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kade BIrthday [#10]

Saturday mornings sometimes have a special treat...when Grandpa brings donuts! Oh man, these boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Grandpa and donuts! They are spoiled.

After donuts and some playing, we headed to Kade's house for his birthday party!
He turned 10 this year! 

Such a pretty day.

Jonah found the softest spot around...great for resting.

Happy Birthday Kade-man! 
You bring many laughs and smiles to our house...the boys all love you to pieces (and so do we!).

Jonah met a girl (Kade's cousin on the other side) at the party...
they hit it off real well. I tried not to interrupt their date. She was doing all the talking, and he would reply with "uh-huh"....he's already figuring things out!

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