Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mom & the Boys

Ben had a continuing education class Friday night and Saturday until mid afternoon.
Saturday morning was Christian's first soccer game...and he had a lot of fun!
He was p-r-e-t-t-y excited about his new cleats and shin guards he got this week.

We came home for awhile, but in the afternoon we were all ready for something different to do. I had read there was an event happening at the small McPherson airport. So we decided to check it out while Daddy was still busy. It ended up being kind of a dud..BUT all three of them did get to sit in a plane and the pilot explained how to fly! They really enjoyed that part, so as far as they were concerned it was fun.

As we were heading home, I called Ben and he was just getting home. There is still much to do with our bathroom(s) remodel. So he agreed that it would be fine if I would find something else for the boys and myself to do away from the house. Christian had heard about the state fair from school..and really wanted to go, so I turned the car around...and we headed to the fair! 

I let Noah and Christian go on one ride together...
of course they would've loved to go on more, but I really didn't know how many they both could handle just by themselves, and/or how to entertain Jonah as they got to go on rides. So one ride it was. We walked for awhile, there were SO many people...too many. We ate...that was a 'treat' in and of itself. Not so much. I definitely have a fresh appreciation for just a glimpse of the single mothers out there. And this was nothing compared to really being a single mom. But goodness...I just needed about 4 more arms and at least one more body to be in different places. 
All of that to say, it actually was kind of fun...we saw various animals, cows being milked, and Christian really wanted to watch some kind of bull judging. I have no idea what they were doing, but Noah and him went to sit down in the bleachers to watch a judge walk around and look at big ol' bulls. We stopped for icecream on the way home...and I officially wore them all out!

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