Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day [2016]

Mother's Day..
a very special day to feel totally blessed I get to be a mama to three little boys, and to be thankful for my own mom and all that she does!

We went to church at Whitestone with Mom and Dad, and Mitchell too.
Then, Mitch offered to host us all at his house for lunch. He made ribs and salmon on the smoker...very good. He also made a baked macaroni and cheese and rolls, Ben brought a salad, and Mom brought dessert.
It was a rainy day..very rainy. But for a little bit it was nice enough to go outside and take a couple pictures.

This little guy...he came with us right after church, and the other two had gone with Mom and Dad. 
So he got his picture taken in his fancy duds.

 Oh my boys. I love them so.

I love my mama.

They were both wearing orange checkered was necessary to take their picture :)

In the afternoon, Ben's parents came over. They were in town to celebrate with the Hershbergers..but we didn't make it to that one this year. We had a nice visit with them.

I had been treated very special all week, by Ben especially...he bought me several of my favorite kind of drink from Lincoln Perk, he got me a new jacket, and a new shrub plant, and some wireless headphones that sync to my phone. I also got some VERY special cards made by the boys..hearing them make them, was equally as special as the cards themselves. They had told me I had to stay in my room while they made them, and Christian was writing out Noah's for him. So he would say, "What do you like that mama does with you?? Do you like when she hugs you? Reads to you?" 
Christian had brought home a flower from school for me, and Noah gave me one from Sunday School...
so I'd say on ALL kinds of levels, I feel very blessed, loved, and spoiled.

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