Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mitch #30

Oh little Mitch...turned 30 years old!
He wanted to celebrate with friends and family by going to a Royals game.
We had shirts made for the special occasion....and it was a special day indeed.

We met up with everyone before the game. There was games, and plenty of food for all! Noah and Christian took full advantage of the sweets available.

Despite the score (Royals lost), its safe to say all had a good time. Christian and Noah were very entertained with the friends...and especially the fact that they bought them COTTON CANDY! Christian had seen it at the beginning of the game...and it wasn't until the final innings that the cotton candy man came around to us...Bret was the kind, generous soul that bought it for them. Such a nice bedtime snack :)

 Jonah hung in there until the very end! The game ended around 9 or so...he was out on the way back to the hotel.

Happiest of birthday's Mitch!
Welcome to the 30's...I hope they treat you well :)

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