Friday, May 20, 2016

End of the first year

After February was over, it seems like the rest of the school year went super fast. It's bittersweet that my little boy is already done with kindergarten. He has truly learned and grown in so many ways. I can't believe he knows how to read, write, count and so many more things!

He had such a great teacher, Mrs Lehman...such a good teacher. Mitch had her as his kindergarten teacher..and she still remembered him quite well. In high school, I was her student aide...and I really enjoyed her then too.
She was very kind to Christian this year, very encouraging and always had such positive feedback. 

For the end of the year field trip, she takes her class to her farm. I got to come along as a helper. What a great time! We had a pizza picnic, hay loft jumping, pasture exploring, four wheeler rides, horse rides, and basketball. Christian REALLY enjoyed the horse ride.

Mrs. Lehman's class (she is in red in the middle back). Christian is in the middle front.

 At the end of the year, the elementary school has field day, which I also got to help with in the afternoon. It makes it all the more sweet to help when Christian is very expressive with how glad he is that I'm there.

During the last week of school, I brought Noah and Jonah into Ben's Spanish class. He had asked me to come sometime this year, and we just never arranged we HAD to fit it in before the year was over! Part of his class stayed later to hang out with us :)

Ben has had a good first year, he enjoys Hesston...both other staff and students. It is so nice to have him close and glad Christian can spend a little bit of time with him after school as they come home together.

 Last day of Kindergarten/
Last day of 1st year at HHS

Jonah has loved watching the bus come and go in the morning when Christian gets on it. 
"Bye-bye busssss!"

I'm proud of both Ben and Christian as they finish the year. Ben keeps a positive attitude about work, and right now in the fantastic state of KS with the way education is...that isn't maybe the easiest thing to do. I respect his choice to be a teacher, not only to teach, but to be a role model and a positive influence.

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