Friday, April 8, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Dia Uno]

40th Anniversary: Sweigart Family Vacation
Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary is later this year...and to celebrate, they took ALL of US (17 of us, 19 including them!) on a trip to Mexico. We have been looking forward to it since they first told us at Christmas!!

Leaving before it was even bright and early Friday morning...we boarded the plane (Tim & Carissa's family met us down there.) We had a mostly uneventful flight to Denver. It was perhaps a little too early for the flight attendant on United...she wasn't very appreciative of my need to get things for Jonah that were underneath my seat. Turns out that fasten your seatbelt sign is a pretty big deal. Whew, she was snappy.

The two bigger boys traveled real well, Jonah was fine, but it wasn't without some crying for that second flight.

We made it down there and through the lengthy customs be greeted by the friendliest people.

Noah was so pleased to hold Eliana again.

Our first look at the ocean. 
Even though I've seen the ocean before, at this exact place...this moment still seemed surreal to me.

Noah was in awe. 
It is pretty amazing...such a vast body of water right in front of you!

Noah and Jonah's first time being in the ocean.

The two love birds got special decor for their special anniversary.

 A sleepy Jonah baby...we ate at the buffet this first night...he nearly fell asleep while eating.

Every evening they had a children's program. It was a hit from day one! Lots of of sorts, and candy as the reward for participating.

Prior to bedtime, Grandpa and the kids danced to the live music.

 A great start to our vacation/celebration....

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