Sunday, April 10, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Dia Tres: Xel-Ha]

On Sunday, we all went to an outdoor adventure water park of sorts, Xel-Ha. Its hard to describe, there is nothing I know of that is comparable in the US. It took a bit for us to get into the park (there may have been some oversight on some documents that we needed when the tickets were ordered)..but we got in, and we spent most of the day in the water and sun!

If you look closely, they are all looking at the faucet that was seemingly hanging in mid air with water flowing out. Christian right away had that figured out, so matter of fact...crazy how he does that. "Well, there is a just a clear pipe coming up to that, that's how that does that."

We went down a lazy river, which was a bit more work than one would think. Not so much "lazy"..but that also could be because I had a one year old on my lap. 

Along the lazy river, there were a couple different cliffs you could stop at to jump off. Several of our family did it...including Christian and Ben. I couldn't believe Christian said he wanted to, got up there, and without hesitation jumped off! 
In this picture, Kade is jumping! I'm sad I took a video of Christian jumping...but the way the tubes were in the water, whoever I was next to bumped me so I turned just as he jumped. Bummer. Oh well.  He was fine with jumping, but afterward he said, "oh man, that hurt me all over!"

This is the video I took of Christian...but then you can really see Ben jump (or slip) off the cliff.

Mitch & Brent

Kade & Noah

After the lazy river, we ate and then found the zip line.
That was fun! One huge difference of water parks I've been to, is that here there were not really long lines to wait in. Everything is very spread out and a variety of things to do, so we could do the zip line a number of times if we wanted.

We saw the manatees. They are such odd creatures. So big, and hairy, and slow, and rock like. Weird. 

The last thing we did was snorkeling. Mitch, Mia, Christian, Jace, Ben and I went. We saw several fish and a sting ray. We all enjoyed it.

Mitch, Jace, Mia, Christian, and Ben in their fancy gear

Ben, myself and Christian

A fun filled day for sure.

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