Sunday, April 10, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Dia Tres: Mexican Party]

Brent, Carissa, Tim, Mitch, Dad, Eliana and I went to eat at the Japanese restaurant about 20 minutes after we came back from Xel-Ha. It was really good..the sushi especially.

Not too often we get a sibling photo..

After supper, the kids program was apart of the Mexican Party.
Noah even participated after much coaxing. He was pretty cute hitting that piñata. 

Christian got some good hits on the piñata as well. 

Christian was literally stuffing his pockets with the serious fashion of course. Because when there is an abundance of candy for the taking, it is not a need to collect!

Sweet Eliana with Grandma. 

The adults got to participate in the 'Mexican Party' as well. There were a variety of carnival like games to play, to get tokens that could be turned in for a prize. Ring toss, bingo, a ball toss, and a version of plinko. We got a hat and shirt for our winnings...and it was a good time. I believe the words, "we can go to bed now" even came from Christian's mouth. 
That's when you are certain it was a full full day.

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