Saturday, April 9, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Día Dos]

I had two little boys that were ready to get started with the day bright and early. 
I took Christian and Jonah down to the beach before breakfast. 
Hard to complain about waking up early, when you get to see and hear the ocean.

After breakfast, we all made our way to the beach.
There was a mixture of playing in water and sand all morning.

Dad got a shovel from one of the workers, and he and Ben started the beginnings of a sand castle. 
The decided on 'Noah's ark'.

It proved to be a little more complicated than most of us to handle. Brent and Ben probably could've finished it, if they wanted to spend all day doing it. But the clouds were getting darker, and they decided to call it quits for the day. We ate lunch while it didn't take too long for it to pass over. 

We went up to the pool for awhile in the afternoon...Ben, Brent, Tim G, Carissa, Mitch, and I all played a game of water volleyball. It was a good time.

The view of the pool/ocean from Mom and Dad's room. So so pretty.

We ate at the Mexican restaurant...lots of aqua colored shirts.

They love their Grandpa (Papa).

Maddox and Jonah...Maddox is getting so grown up!

They treat us very well, and always plenty of food to eat.

After supper, the kids participated in the kids show again. 
Jonah even got up there to run around for a brief bit with Maddox. 

 A very fun and sun filled day, makes it quite easy to get children to go to bed.

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