Monday, April 11, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Dia Cuatro]

The early risers (some by choice, some maybe not so much) gathered in Mom and Dad's room before breakfast. 

Scenes from the beach today...
it was too windy to bother with a sandcastle, so we all played on the beach, ocean, and pool!

Naptime...getting them tucked into their beds :)

That's Ava underwater...and Noah and Jace playing in the water.

We all ate at the Mexican restaurant again tonight.
I'm not sure what Christian's face is all about..but this was the best we got.

The kids show tonight was a version of hot potato...except it involved putting an elastic band over your head and pulling it down, then stepping through it and passing it onto the next person. When the music stopped you were out. The finalists were Ava and Kade....Ava pulled off the win this time :)

When you were 'out', they would introduce you saying in spanish first, then english..."What is your name, and where are you from?"......"Christian, Kansas." Jace's answer was unpredictable, he was from at least three different states throughout the week (PA, KS, or VA)..and he'd say it so serious, so much pressure on stage! 

The kids all enjoyed being apart of these shows..
other than the piñata night, Noah didn't participate...but he really liked watching it from our lap.

After the kids were in bed, we played some games in Mom and Dad's room...we had monitors to listen to the kids. (I don't have any share worthy pictures of us gathered in their room!)

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