Wednesday, April 13, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Adios]

Our last day in Mexico....

Ben and the boys walking to breakfast.

This was our table every day for breakfast...
the fresh fruit was such a treat to have every morning. T
he raspberries, strawberries and pineapple were my favorite!

Ben took the boys down to the pool for a final swim, while I finished getting packed up before coming down. Another beautiful, sunny day!

Good ol' Uncle Brent...Jace and Christian loved it.

Jonah proved that he is totally and completely unsafe in the water. He has no sense of fear and went under at least a couple times while surrounded by adults. Thankfully, he was fine...but he needs 150% attention while in/around water.

 Adios are beautiful.

 We ate lunch at the resort, and then headed to the airport.
We spent a very brief time all together after getting checked in before saying goodbye to the Gredlers.
Our flight wasn't long after we got to our gate either..and we were on our way home via a short stop in Houston. The flights went well, and we had some very tired passengers by the time we arrived at the airport at 11ish pm.

What a fun and memorable thankful we all got to go. 
Very thankful for Mom and Dad, thankful for their 40 years of love and dedication to each other, and thankful they let us all join them on this trip to celebrate their anniversary!

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