Saturday, April 16, 2016


The last several days has had several big moments with our friends.

Kira and Brody had a baby! Baby girl Maizy, born April 12th, while we were in Mexico.
Look at all her hair!!

Friday night, the Masons and Yoders were in we all went out to eat at Granite City.
It was an evening full of laughing, catching up, and good food.

Saturday night, we went to a very special resident (soon to be attending OBGYN's) 30th birthday party. It was at Kellie and Jeremy's house in Wichita (our old neighbor's on Maus Ln). There were many friends/co-workers there and we had a really good time. It didn't make me wish to live in Wichita again...and it didn't make me wish for different neighbors...but I sure to miss hanging out with Kellie as often as we used to!!

It was good to catch up with friends, celebrate with friends, and just know that even when time gets away from us and we have our own busyness of life...these are some pretty special friends. 

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